Cuban Comfort in Abu Dhabi: Reliving the Magic of Abuela’s Picadillo

Standing in my kitchen in Abu Dhabi with the smell of onions and garlic swirling around me, I close my eyes and am instantly back in my abuela’s kitchen. I miss the noise and bustle and wonderful scents of adobo criollo. Today, I am recreating a beloved Cuban dish that holds a special place in […]

Plant-Based Protein Foods: It’s not your mother’s veggie food anymore

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, as a vegetarian was not easy. My mom’s version of vegetables was mushy-mush and mostly came either from a can or the freezer. Back then, vegetarianism and veganism were not as mainstream, and options for plant-based protein were limited. Recently, I decided to try out some of the […]

For the love of cooking

I remember the growing up and watching my grandfather cook.  He was a chef who loved French cuisine and made wonderful deserts. I got my love of food and chemistry from him. He would sit there and tell me about what the heat would do to the sugar while I watched the sugar slowly caramelize.  I […]