learning to ask better questions

Dr. Hector H. Hernandez

Originally from everywhere. It’s long and complicated, but so is life. Half Cuban, half Puerto Rican, born in Honduras. Along the way I played music, trained horses, cooked, and discovered science. This let me to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where I met my wife and also received a PhD in Chemical Biology from. I currently live in Abu Dhabi with my wife and daughter.

I was in academics running a laboratory that looked at the interactions between microbes, plants, and the environment in arid places. But my passion for putting my knowledge into practice led me to my current work, where I help farmers grow better food by leveraging the interconnectedness of biological, ecological, and technological networks.

I think it is important to explore how we can utilizing both old and new farming techniques to produce healthier food sustainably. I believe that by combining the wisdom of traditional farming practices with the advancements of modern science and technology, we can create a more sustainable food system.

I have learned that asking the right questions is essential if we are going to put together solutions to food our food related problems, whether it is how to grow a vegetable to the recipes that use them in our families.