Cuban Comfort in Abu Dhabi: Reliving the Magic of Abuela’s Picadillo

Standing in my kitchen in Abu Dhabi with the smell of onions and garlic swirling around me, I close my eyes and am instantly back in my abuela’s kitchen. I miss the noise and bustle and wonderful scents of adobo criollo. Today, I am recreating a beloved Cuban dish that holds a special place in […]

Plant-Based Protein Foods: It’s not your mother’s veggie food anymore

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, as a vegetarian was not easy. My mom’s version of vegetables was mushy-mush and mostly came either from a can or the freezer. Back then, vegetarianism and veganism were not as mainstream, and options for plant-based protein were limited. Recently, I decided to try out some of the […]

Ready for my next stopover

We have traveled on great adventures as a family. Two years ago, we traveled to Vietnam for the end of 2018. We were staying with friends at the Sanctuary Hồ Tràm village along the coast south east of Ho Chi Minh city. Breakfast at the little restaurant in the complex was one of my favorite […]

For the love of cooking

I remember the growing up and watching my grandfather cook.  He was a chef who loved French cuisine and made wonderful deserts. I got my love of food and chemistry from him. He would sit there and tell me about what the heat would do to the sugar while I watched the sugar slowly caramelize.  I […]